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What is Therapy?

What is the difference between talking to a friend verse a therapist? Do I really need a therapist if I can get advice from someone who already cares about me? These are great thoughts and questions to unpack when deciding to take the leap in sorting through challenges with relationships, family, friends, school or work.

The first thing to consider is talking to a friend, family member or a loved one is a reciprocal conversation. This requires you to listen, process their stories, and find a sense of relation with their experiences. Therapy on the other hand, is all about YOU! It is a place where you can be open and feel safe to explore your thoughts and emotions in whatever manner that would be most helpful to you. This non-judgmental space allows you to fully tap into your inner self and discover the most intimate parts of you. With that being said, know that therapy does have an expectation from you; to fully share what is on your mind and be honest with yourself. Many times we filter our thoughts in fear of judgement or shame. Therapy invites you to tap into those profound/dark feelings to cultivate a sense of lightness and freedom from them.

According to Shakti Therapy & Healing Services, a holistic group practice based in Los Angeles, Ca, therapy is a confidential process that is also separate from your everyday life. You are taking control of your emotional and mental well being by carving out time for it. This brings us to our second point, while therapy can feel like a liberating and rewarding conversation, a skilled psychotherapist can help deepen the conversation to foster meaningful and lasting change in your life. A good-matched therapist is someone who you can connect with and can trust. This therapist has the skilled ability to translate years of training/education and experience, research, and theory to help you grow, claim your strength, discover your inner power, and accomplish your goals. If you are ready to get started with inviting more joy and abundance in your life, contact me at my Los Angeles office today! Remember, we are in this journey TOGETHER!

Ektha Aggarwal is a licensed South Asian Therapist and CEO of Shakti Therapy and Healing Services in Los Angeles, CA. Ektha specializes in working with South Asians / Desi and people of color to break the stigma around mental health and instill the concept of immigrant resilience. If you are ready to feel empowered, effortlessly achieve your goals, and feel more happiness in your life, schedule a complimentary consultation now.


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