...her approach is direct and compassionate...perfect for those ready to face their truths...

I have been a client of Ektha's for one year, and I have done more self exploration and achieved more personal development in this year than I had in the previous 26 years combined. Her approach is direct and compassionate, which is perfect for those who are ready to face truths and do the work, but not at the expense of their sanity or stability. Ektha helped me out of a deep hole of depression that I felt unprepared to deal with, and has given me tools to confidently dig myself out should I find myself there again in the future. She doesn't make you feel rushed or judged in the slightest. To put it plainly, Ektha has changed my life, and I would be shocked if anyone who saw her didn't feel the same.

...Ms. Aggarwal definitely changed my life...and helped me realize I have ultimate power over my life...

As a young Black woman, in my community, therapy is seen as something taboo. We’re usually told to take your issues to God/just pray about it. However, sometimes that is not the only answer or thing that works. Over the years, I realized that I stepped out of the conventional ways of religion and delved deeper into spirituality. In relation to therapy, I went in order to get my anxiety under control and research different forms of therapy. I had to deal with my husband and I living apart as newly weds and with leaving my home state and moving across the country for a new, unknown journey. After plenty of arguments and uncertainty about some things in my life, I decided in late Summer to find a therapist.


I ended up finding Ms. Aggarwal on Psychology Today and thankfully got the opportunity to squeeze in some time with her before moving in October. Although the time was short, it felt like a lot longer. as Ms Aggarwal helped me to understand that it is okay for me to have anxiety but also that I can control it and I have ultimate power over my life. She also mentioned that my husband and I both seek couples therapy, in which we are in now. Ms. Aggarwal definitely changed my life and aided me in understanding that other people’s opinions of me or their actions towards me is not a reflection of my own, but theirs. Through inner healing work, meditation, yoga and figuring out how to navigate life as a young, Black female newlywed in an interracial relationship, I realized that although life is full of ups and downs, I can say that this experience in therapy with Ms. Aggarwal was life changing and aided in getting some of my anxiety and other concerns about life in general under control. I highly recommend her services and spend as much time with her as possible.

...she taught me self-love & patience, and how that can transcend to the world around me...

Ektha is a very empathetic and compassionate therapist. She taught me that everyone is always trying their best at the moment with what they have and I can see that she puts that into practice every day in her life as well. She is easy to talk to, inquisitive and cares deeply about her clients. Not only is she kind and patient, but she is also very smart. I felt like I had a life coach and not just a therapist because she is so knowledgeable about society in general. She even gave me salary negotiation tips! She tries to fully understand who you are, and help you mold into the person you want to become. She taught me self love and patience, and how that can transcend to the world around me. I highly highly recommend her, every session with her helped me grow a lot. It was such a pleasure working with her. 

...she provided a safe place to focus on myself ...

When I first sat down in Ektha’s office, I was at a breaking point. I was weighed down by years of bottled up resentment and anger and needed to make a healthy change. Ektha quickly had my trust, with her nonjudgmental and caring nature. She worked with me to slowly shift my perspective, explore my true wants and needs, and become more self aware. Ektha did not give me all the answers; she provided a safe place to focus on myself and gave me the tools to grow at my own pace. Her patient and gentle guidance led me through a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey to a healthier mind. She helped me see the value and strength in vulnerability—a concept that I had once scoffed at. She helped me unpack my emotions and find strength in them, the benefits of which filtered into all relationships and aspects of my life. Making the decision to go to therapy was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am so thankful for Ektha and her expertise. The many lessons that I’ve learned through therapy have better prepared me for recognizing and understanding the patterns of my emotions, and navigating through all the relationships and experiences that I will come across in the future.

...therapy has been extremely pivotal in changing how I communicate ... 

Navigating my late 20’s with anxiety and depression in LA has been quite challenging and I had stalled starting therapy for years until I finally reached out to Ektha. From our initial consultation up until our current sessions, Ektha has and continues to provide a calm, safe space where I feel heard and challenged on negative thought patterns. In just 6 months time therapy has been extremely pivotal in changing how I communicate and navigate different relationships and situations in my life; especially my relationship with myself. She made me feel encouraged and proud of myself for asking for help; something that’s always been hard for me. Shes helped me ask myself the necessary tough questions that have led to a deeper understanding of who I am and what I need. She’s helped me fine tune my problem solving skills and helps me create action plans to address and resolve conflicts in my relationships. I couldn’t imagine 6 months ago expressing my feelings, wants and needs with the ease I do now and it’s in large part thanks to Ektha. I also really love that she offers walking therapy in addition to a traditional office setting. Staying active while airing my grievances really feels amazing!

...keeps trying new ways to have breakthroughs ...

We have had a amazing experience with Ektha as a therapist for my 14  year old daughter. My daughter has been difficult at times and Ektha has stuck with us and keeps trying new ways to have breakthroughs and to allow my daughter to express herself. Ektha has shown compassion and respect throughout the sessions and supports the family fully.  We are immensely grateful for her guidance and support through my daughter's journey!

... she is kind, open, honest and I feel so comfortable ...

When I found Ektha, it was a really critical time in my life. This was the first time I’d ever been to couples therapy and the first therapist I’ve seen in over a decade. I found Ektha online from Psychology Today, while searching among loads of people. Ektha is kind, open, honest and I feel so comfortable around her and in her space. She really takes the time to strategize how to help and support us.


I’m super grateful to have found Ektha. She has really helped us with our communication and given us some great tools to work with and have a healthier relationship.

... Ektha has shown compassion and respect to us ...

We have had a amazing experience with Ektha as a therapist for my daughter. My daughter has been difficult at times and Ektha has stuck with us and keeps trying new ways to have Breakthroughs and to allow my daughter to express herself. Ektha has shown compassion and respect to us and we are Immensely grateful for her guidance and support!


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