Shakti (n): the divine Energy that manifests from the solar plexus chakra into qualities of ability, strength, effort, power, and capability.


Shakti is the primordial cosmic Energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. It is the power and force within each of us.  It gives rise to the Universe. It is the innate creativity at the heart of all living things. 


Shakti is an Energy that is bound by creativity, sustainability, and destruction.  This Energy  is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change. You observe this life force Energy through the rush of the river crashing against the rocks…the striking connections that fire your neurons…the power in your deep, intentional breaths…the depth at which your heart beats in every moment.


The goal of Shakti Therapy & Healing Services is to awaken the Shakti within you; have it unfold in its own natural timeline to bring forth the evolution of your consciousness.  This allows you to ignite happiness, joy, love, and all of life’s greatest feelings through manifestation. Activating your Shakti can evolve your experience of who you are, transition your trauma from pain to resilience, redefine your life goals and priorities, and deeply transform how you relate to yourself and the world.


Bringing your Shakti forward cultivates the attunement of the present moment and helps you vibrate at a higher frequency. Through this journey, you will find yourself moving closer to the truth, dissolving traumas, and growing in many areas of your life. The essential ingredients of inner work; awareness, contentment, curiosity, capability, motivation, happiness, and willingness, begin to enrich your life. 


I encourage you to tune into your Shakti and experience a life changing transition and way of living. If you are ready to feel empowered, effortlessly achieve your goals, and feel abundantly happier in your life, contact me today to activate your Shakti. I am in this with you and TOGETHER we can navigate any conflict you are trying to manage.