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Walking Therapy

Walking Therapy

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu

Walking Therapy gives rise to new beginnings where you are bound to feel some excitement as it spurs creativity and deeper ways of thinking resulting from mood-improving physical activity.

Walking Therapy is a contemporary psychotherapy approach that is increasingly embraced in the therapeutic field. This therapy is conducted outside in nature while walking, rather than sitting inside an office. Many people feel more comfortable and relaxed while walking and are able to open up more freely to deepen their work in therapy.   This holistic approach to therapy will enhance your emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Walking Therapy helps support an active lifestyle, or even jump starts one for you. It has a meditative element by allowing your thoughts to flow freely through rhythmic exercise.  Research has shown that Walking Therapy boosts mood, reduces anxiety and depression and supports the process of self discovery. Walking Therapy can help you get “unstuck” when confronting difficult issues by spurring creative and deeper ways of thinking.

Are you are ready to feel empowered?
Feel more in control of your life?
Make more thoughtful choices?

Wild Path

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact me today for a complimentary telephonic consultation.

I look forward to walking with you.


In-depth information on the benefits of Walking Therapy as a healthy life-style approach

Street Protest

Walk & Talk Therapy

Work is a walk in the park for Clay Cockrell. Instead of seeing patients in a traditional office setting, the LCSW therapist combines exercise with psychotherapy.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

How Walking Can Boost Your Mood and Reduce Stress

Walking and exercise have benefits beyond the merely physical. Many people walk as much for mental and spiritual well-being as for fitness.

Yoga by the Pool

How Exercise Can Calm Anxiety

In an eye-opening demonstration of nature’s ingenuity, researchers at Princeton University recently discovered that exercise creates vibrant new brain cells.

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Take a walk with your therapist

We’ve all heard the studies: being in nature and moving your body is good for your health. But what if you combined that walk in the park with a talking therapy session?

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How to Start Walking for Weight Loss

If you’ve decided it is time to start walking for health, fitness, and weight loss, you’ve already taken a great first step. Walking is an effective, natural way to achieve the daily physical activity

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Exercise Will Protect Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The news on Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t paint a pretty picture. As the population ages, there will be a tidal wave of cases, or so the standard narrative goes.

Running Down Stairs

Why Exercise May Do A Teenage Mind Good

It’s well known that routine physical activity benefits both body and mind. And there are no age limits. Both children and adults can reap big benefits.


Walking could be a useful tool in treating depression

Something as simple as going for a brisk stroll could play an important role in fighting depression, according to researchers in Scotland.

Running Shoes

Hollywood’s New Stars: Pedestrians

Everyone in Los Angeles has a ridiculous story about driving somewhere when two feet would have worked just as well. Mine features a celebrity.

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