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Do you suffer from anxiety of depression?

Does a lack of resiliency keep you stuck in the past?

Do you sabotage your own chance of success and happiness?

Mental health, trauma and emotional disturbance impacts everyone.  Over a quarter of the nation’s population suffer from mental health symptoms. In America, independence is valued to the level that it forces people to assume they should solve their own challenges without support. Seeking support helps you reduce and manage your symptoms, as well as increase your willpower and strength to heal. This healing gives rise to confidence and independence. Therapy provides you an opportunity to help achieve a more connected, compassionate and self-disciplined life.

If you are ready to instill hope, make choices with a sense of strength, effortlessly attract your goals and feel more joy and happiness in your life, schedule a complimentary telephonic consultation now. I look forward to working with you and supporting your healing journey. 

Shakti Therapy and Healing Services emphasize a focus on the therapeutic relationship, as this is thought to represent a microcosm of your outside world, including the relationships and patterns of your life.