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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Healing is an art.
It takes time.
It takes practice.
It takes love.

Crystal healing is a holistic and energy-based intervention that harnesses the life elements of the Earth. The crystals provide you with a deeply relaxing effect as they come into contact with your chakras.  Chakras are known as energy points in the body. Crystals have long been part of this world and there are many anecdotes describing the curative effects of them. Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy as they interact with your electromagnetic forces and the  vibrations within your energy field. It takes commitment and a conscious effort from you to open your heart and release blockages.

Crystal healing brings your mind, body, spirit and environment into alignment and harmony; restoring the body’s natural rhythm and clearing blockages so you can manifest from your highest good.

Are you ready to instill healing and balance in your life? Contact me today for a complimentary telephonic consultation now. I look forward to helping you heal.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Benefits of Crystal Healing
  • Stress relief

  • Stabilize mood

  • Creates acceptance

  • Anxiety & depression relief

  • Restorative relaxation

  • Enhances self esteem

  • Increase mental clarity and focus

  • Maintaining day-to-day well-being

  • Supports a peaceful and centered life

  • Relieve stress related physical symptoms 

  • Supports sleep/Reduces insomnia

  • Stabilizes raised blood pressure

  • Chronic fatigue relief

  • Pain relief

Healing Crystal
Healing Crystal
Healing Crystal

Crystal Healing Research

Crystal Healing Research

Do Healing Crystals really work? What’s the science behind these protective gems?

Crystal Healing Research

Crystal Healing: Stone-Cold Facts About Gemstone Treatments  as an alternative medical technique to cure ailments and protect against disease

Crystal Healing Research

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding gemstone therapeutics in a selected adult populations.

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