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The proceeds of each intention candle go towards providing free therapy services to the Los Angeles County community impacted by COVID-19. Many individuals are battling an increase in mental health symptoms, loss of job, loss of insurance, loss of security, and a deep sense of hopelessness. 


With YOUR purchase of this homemade intention candle, not only can you set an intention for yourself, but you can also pay it forward by supporting someone in crisis to have their mental health needs met and instilling a sense of hope.  As a community, when we begin to support each other, we being to elevate together! 

Each crystal infused candle is home-made with crystals charged under the full moon. As a Crystal Healer, I am ablue to infuse the highest energies into the crystals to bring you love, peace, and abundance. 

Abundance comes with a tigers eye crystal with pryrite sprinkled on top.  It has a vanilla cedar scent cultivate growth through the  heart chakra.

Love is filled with a rose quartz crystal and fresh rose petals sprinkled on top.  It has an amber and rose scent to help activate your heart chakra.

Peace has amethyst crystals and fresh lavender buds sprinkled on top.  It has lavender essential oils and scent to help activate your third eye chatkra.

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