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Shakti Values: Compassionate . Present . Connected . Heart Centered

Most people who are struggling with depression or anxiety don’t realize they don’t have to suffer. 

At Shakti Therapy, we help you gain control of your life again.

Life is too beautiful to spend it in your mind. 

In today’s world where everyone is putting in 100% to survive, people are suffering from high rates of mental health disorders. 

Despite giving it your all, life still feels confusing and unfulfilling.

Are You Suffering From Anxiety & Depression?

Tired of Wrestling with
Day-to-Day Worry

Your Relationships Are
Impacted Negatively

This Time Feels Overwhelming
and Debilitating

Personal Development
Hasn't Worked

You Feel Disconnected From Yourself  and Others

Racing Thoughts Take Over
The Good Times

If so, therapy with us will help you regain control of your life

A lot of people with anxiety and depression struggle with it, and you shouldn’t have to keep suffering. There is a solution for you. You deserve to live a life that is not stuck in your mind. ​​

How to Heal from Anxiety & Depression


Meet Your Guide

Ektha Aggarwal, CEO

Few therapists like Ektha Aggarwal realize you are not separate from nature, from yourself, or even each other. In a very real way, every one of your decisions and actions affects all of these realms.

As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and the visionary behind Shakti Therapy and Healing Services, Ektha Aggarwal and her team have empowered more than a thousand individuals to transform their challenges into sources of strength. Ektha not only works with NBA Athletes and high profile clients, but she is also one of the top three South Asian therapists in Los Angeles.

Shakti Therapy's goal is to help you acknowledge, learn from, and release the suffering that might be within you. The approach focuses on addressing the root cause, rather than simply working through easing the symptoms of suffering. Now, we are ready to heal you.


Meet Your Therapists

Associates & Licensed

Ektha and her team of five experienced therapists have helped over 1,000 people shift their struggles into strengths. Through their therapeutic approach, the team supports you in overcoming anxiety and depression, guiding you towards achieving a profound sense of fulfillment.


Shakti Therapy offers a holistic and psychotherapeutic approach to help you realize that you are an integral part of the vast and complex web of life. Combining both ancient Eastern and the scientific modalities, Shakti Therapy's work stems from a basis of connection - mind to body, human to nature, and individual to community. 


Through this holistic approach, Shakti Therapy offers a variety of evidenced based modalities such as EMDR, IFS, Sand Play Therapy, CBT, Brain-spotting, and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

Book a free consultation and embark your journey of profound transformation with Shakti Therapy, where the therapy approach centers on delving deep into your inner struggles, fostering understanding, and guiding you towards a beautiful life that you can enjoy!

Testimonials on Living a Beautiful Life

...a life without suffering...

"From my very first session I felt I had finally come across someone that was willing to understand and not judge. Shakti Therapy, not only made me feel safe, but also led me on to my self-love journey. With therapy I uncovered years of trauma and pain.  I was guided to realize I have my truth which needs no one else’s validation.  Today, I am able to put myself out there due to all my sessions with Shakti Therapy. My therapist was warm, kind and welcoming. I truly believe if I had not approached Shakti Therapy, I wouldn’t be the person I am today."

"In my culture, therapy was introduced to me as a "waste" of time & money. When I first reached out to Shakti Therapy I was looking for a "quick solution". I was in a tight spot, embarrassed to be looking into therapy, deeply depressed & unable to function. My journey with my therapist cracked open parts of me that I buried behind a tough immigrant-minded exterior of  "pushing on". My therapist quite literally introduced to me the kind of self-love that requires unraveling generational & personal trauma instead of shoving it into a forgotten corner. Today I don't suffer with depression and I am happy!"

"As a young Black woman, in my community, therapy is seen as a taboo. We’re usually told to take your issues to God or just pray about it. With Shakti Therapy,  I was able to combine my faith & learn tools to control my anxiety. My therapist helped me to understand that it's okay for me to have anxiety & I can control it and I have ultimate power over my life. My therapist definitely changed my life in understanding that other people’s opinions or their actions towards me is not a reflection of me.  This experience in therapy was life changing."

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The goal of Shakti Therapy & Healing Services is to help you heal and reconnect with yourself through trauma-informed care, self-empowerment, and igniting your Shakti.

Awakening the Shakti within you brings forth the evolution of your consciousness.  This allows you to ignite hope, courage, love, happiness, and all of life’s greatest feelings through manifestation.


This therapy can evolve your experience of who you are. Through this journey, you will find yourself moving closer to the truth, dissolving traumas, and growing in many areas of your life.


The essential ingredients of inner work; awareness, contentment, curiosity, capability, motivation, and happiness begin to enrich your life. 

Our mission is to help you

* instill unwavering hope * expand inner courage

* reconnect with purpose * experience happiness 

by guiding you to 


Shakti Therapy and Healing services

Our Mission

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