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7 Tips to Manage Burnout Amid the Pandemic

Many employees are coming out of the pandemic, priding themselves on how hard they have worked. Burnout is known to impact people who are highly dedicated to their work and effective in their job duties. There’s a famous saying used by many executives and leaders:

“If you don’t come in on Saturday, don’t bother showing up on Sunday.”

Moving forward the expectation that if you’re not ready to put in 24/7 work hours, you may not be worth it. With the stay home orders, you may not be able to leave your job since it’s always available.

As per Shakti Therapy & Healing Services, a holistic group practice in Los Angeles, CA, burnout has historically been a widely accepted disorder that has been getting more attention since the pandemic. Since burnout happens over time, many people do not notice the symptoms.

Key Signs of Burnout: