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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a research-backed and safe evidenced-based healing approach to traditional psychotherapy that is focused on healing old traumas that don't serve your highest self.  


It has been used in the mental health space for over 20 years and been fully supported by research to show significant clinical improvement with people battling depression and anxiety.  


With KAP and your team, you can accelerates the growth of neuroplasticity and the disruption of limiting beliefs, making ketamine effective at treating mental health symptoms. 


The medicine has helped many people alleviate their suffering from mental health conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder, personality disorders, substance use, eating disorders, psychological reactions to physical illnesses, and relationship challenges.


Your brain has the amazing capacity to create new cells in order to heal, grow and form new connections. What this means for you is that years of depression or anxiety can change through KAP. Ketamine Assisted Therapy can relieve you from emotional pain so you can live a happier, lighter, and more connected life! 

Your Ketamine Team


Dr. Stephanie Coleman is a board certified physician and did her medical training in Boston. Dr. Coleman moved to Los Angeles where she became interested in holistic and non-traditional methods of health and healing.  Through this exploration she became a reiki master, a certified health coach, studied integrative medicine techniques, and was trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. Phil Wolfson.  Dr. Coleman has a strong belief that the integration of western and eastern/ holistic medicine is the best approach for healing. She has a natural curiosity and love for learning. Dr. Coleman became passionate about health and overall well-being that begins with the individual acknowledging and tapping into their own inner healer. Empowering people to recognize that they possess the tools to heal themselves, is essential to shifting people’s beliefs around health.      

Ektha Aggarwal is an experienced and trained ketamine assisted psychotherapist and Founder of Shakti Therapy & Healing Services. She offers a holistic and strength-based healing approach to navigating adulthood challenges  such as life transitions and managing mental health conditions. As a psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience, Ektha is committed to helping you discover your higher purpose. Ektha is particularly concerned with the impact of trauma on the mind-body connection, and the reconciliation of personal ‌boundaries‌ ‌with the cultural demands, supporting better emotional, spiritual and relationship health. In her work with psychedelics', Ektha helps you find the courage to face the difficult questions you may have been avoiding. Her approach is non-judgmental, compassionate, direct, and genuine. Ektha is dedicated to helping you tap into your inner healing intelligence and rediscover your power - ignite your Shakti.

Are you are ready to shift your pain to resilience, make choices with a sense of strength, effortlessly attract your goals, and ignite love and joy in your life?  Contact me today for a complimentary telephonic consultation.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your healing. 

KAP Costs

When it comes to our psychotherapy and ketamine fees, we charge the following:

• In-Depth Medical Assessment, Initial Evaluation, and Screening Intake – $450 (MD)

• Intention and Prep Hour-Long Sessions: $250 (Therapist)

• Follow-up Integrative Hour-Long Sessions – $250 (Therapist)

• In-Office Sub-Lingual Lozenge and/or Intramuscular (IM) Sessions – $850 per session (These sessions generally last between 2 and 2.5 hours with concurrent psychotherapy. Both therapist and MD are present)

• Virtual Zoom at-home sessions 2-2.5/hrs. $900

• KAP Packages (includes Medical Assessment/Evaluation, Intention Sessions)

  • 2 Session KAP Sessions: $2,900 (Includes 2 In-Office Sessions and 2 Follow-up Integration Sessions)

  • 4 Session KAP Sessions: $4,850 (Includes 4 In-Office Sessions and 3 Follow-up Integration Sessions)

  • 6 Session KAP Sessions: $6,800 (Includes 6 In-Office Sessions and 4 Follow-up Integration Sessions)

All our packages include conscious-focused therapy plus the medication and two 2 to 2.5-hour sessions with a therapist and an MD. Frequency is 1-2 times a week. 

KAP and Insurance

We offer superbills for the medical assessment, prep session, and integration sessions with appropriate medical coding.  You can file a claim with your insurance for PPO Health Plans. Having you receive some form of insurance reimbursement is our goal. 

Ready to get started? Schedule your consultation now and begin your healing journey.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Research


Therapeutic psychedelics are associated with decreased rumination and negative affect, enhanced psychological connectedness and mindfulness, heightened states of awe and transcendent experiences. 


Ketamine is the only legal psychedelic medicine available for the treatment of emotional suffering.  Ketamine can benefit patients with a wide variety of diagnoses when administered with psychotherapy. 


Ketamine leads to fast changes in synaptic function and plasticity that go well beyond effects of classical antidepressants. As a result, ketamine may turn out to have the capacity to considerably enhance the effects of psychotherapy.