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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

The journey to freedom to feel enough and experience fulfillment

What is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Have you felt like you've lost a part of you?

Feeling emotions feels overwhelming or numbing?

How do you be human again? 

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a form of deep healing therapy under the guidance of a trained therapist like Ektha Aggarwal, that allows you to free yourself from the shackles of society, judgements, and mental health symptoms. This type unique type treatment addresses the root emotions and helps you rewire traumatic emotional memory with the use of ketamine. The ketamine treatment allows you to enter and embrace an introspective state where you can gain insight into your mental health, understand your thought patterns, and explore parts of your life you have been repressing.


Ketamine is a powerful and safe anesthetic that has a profound and rapid impact on your mood and consciousness.  results in neuroplasticity (a brain condition that enhances learning, development, and adaptability), and allows the brain to disrupt old thought patterns by creating new connections. This mental health treatment modality offers an opportunistic window for forming new habits, cognitive processes, and increased fulfillment.

Ketamine Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to healing that also positively impacts lifestyle variables, reduces the impact of trauma, and increases coping abilities allowing it to be very effective where traditional therapy has not been successful.

Together we can walk you inward to your soul's home. 


As renowned psychedelic therapists in Los Angeles, our practice has been a leading voice in the field for ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Through the use of ketamine, we are dedicated to helping you experience healing from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. Ketamine treatments have known to help with treatment-resistant depression and heal traumas to ignite happiness. This combination accelerates growth and change.

During a ketamine therapy session with us, you can expect a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Your therapist will guide you through the ketamine experience by helping you uncover your thoughts and feelings to gain insight into your life. After each ketamine session, you will engage in an integration session to help you anchor in your experiences and insights into your life.

Ketamine therapy's introspective character promotes emotional growth, general well-being, and overall quality of life.  

Who is Ketamine Assisted Pyschotherapy for?

Ketamine therapy is effective in treating many mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, burnout, OCD, bipolar disorder, and addiction. It can also be helpful for you if you are e struggling with end-of-life issues. At Shakti Therapy we also use ketamine therapy in Los Angeles to help you explore and deepen your spirituality and connection with the Divine.




Ketamine therapy has the power to modify neuronal circuits in the brain and, when paired with psychotherapy, can transform chronic depressed thinking patterns and help manage treatment resistant depression.

Ketamine therapy can produce a sense of dissociation or detachment from your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to observe them from an objective perspective and reduce the intensity of anxiety.

Ketamine therapy reduces activity in the brain related to traumatic memories, which lessens the intensity of the PTSD memories and fear response. In turn, it also promotes the growth of new brain cells associated with healing and recovery from PTSD. 

Benefits of KAP

Takes a holistic approach to mental health services where ketamine medicine is combined with psychotherapy and mindfulness practices to help you quiet your ego mind and connect with your heart center.

Has a rapid and profound impact on mood and consciousness, which gives you relief from depression, anxiety, and PTSD after just one session. 

Promotes the growth of brain connections that have been destroyed by prolonged stress.

It works rapidly and lets your body and mind to release limiting thoughts holding you back by impacting your consciousness.

Ketamine increases the activity of glutamate in the brain, which enhances mood, decreases anxiety, and decreases addiction cravings.

It increase neuronal connections and decrease inflammatory response in the brain.

Is a personalized treatment approach where your care team develops personalized treatment plan that meets your individual needs and goals

It is safe when administered in a supportive and supervised care team environment.

Promotes deeper, longer-lasting repair.



Addiction Medicine Doctor

"Having an intelligent, insightful, kind and loving therapist who is strong, supportive and clearly gifted allowed me to open up and feel safe. I learned change IS possible when I surrender to the process. I was able to comfort my limiting beliefs and make changes in my life I've always thought about doing. I feel emotionally free and more present in my life."

NBA Athelete

"I have battled with anxiety for most of my life and meds don't work for me.  I was scared to go through this and was not sure what would come up for me. Ektha allowed me to feel safe and trust my inner healer. Ketamine therapy with Ektha has changed my life. I feel different and people around me see how much happier I am.  It's truly a mindset shift where anxiety has no room to take over."

Startup CEO

"The experience was incredible!  The integration process was by far the most powerful experience. Learning to see the world differently, others differently, myself differently allowed me to feel liberated and joyful. Coming out of it, I feel empowered to live my best life - and there’s a sense of renewed confidence. Ketamine has been incredibly healing for me."


To learn more about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, please click below:

Meet Your Ketamine Team

KAP Packages


Exploratory Healing

2 Sessions


Perspective Shift

4 Sessions


Transformation Path

6 Sessions

  • Initial Medical Evaluation & Preparation

  • Preparatory Therapy Session

  • 2 Ketamine Sessions

  • 2 Integrative Therapy Sessions

  • Initial Medical Evaluation & Preparation

  • Preparatory Therapy Session 

  • 4 Ketamine Sessions

  • 4 Integrative Therapy Sessions

  • Initial Medical Evaluation & Preparation

  • Preparatory Therapy Session 

  • 6 Ketamine Sessions

  • 6 Integrative Therapy Sessions

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