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Achieving Spiritual Wellness Through a Healthy Lifestyle

A woman connecting with the rays of sun and grace for spiritual wellness
A woman connecting with the rays of sun and grace for spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness promotes the interconnectedness you feel with nature and with one another. It can give you a new understanding and outlook on life that enhances feelings of joy, happiness, and peace. A study on the relationship between spiritual wellness and physical health found that focusing a part of your life on your spirituality can actually help you more holistically increase your physical well-being. What this means that you can better care for your physical and mental health if you are more in tune with your spirituality. In the same way, having a healthy lifestyle can help further reinforce your spiritual wellness - it is an interchangeable positive relationship. If you want to develop this wellness through healthy living, here are four things you can do:

Practice Mindfulness as a Form of Spiritual Wellness

Mindfulness is all about becoming more aware of everything around you and being present in the moment. Mindfulness is a spiritual and therapeutic process that focuses on helping you become more aware of the present moment, and disconnects the mind from worries of the past or future. Mindfulness is a state of being that can be achieved through meditation and other self-care practices to begin reducing the mind full. Many people live fast-paced lives and forget to let go of their stressors so they can take care of themselves. According to Shakti Therapy & Healing Services, taking steps to practice mindfulness is therefore a vital part of taking care of your well-being, managing mental health symptoms like depression and anxiety, and also achieving spiritual wellness.

Meditation is one of the main ways you can practice mindfulness. You can start by finding a quiet place to sit and be one with yourself. Take deep breaths and reflect on the events of the day without judgment.

How did the thoughts make you feel?

How are you dealing with the thoughts in the present moment?

How do you feel in this moment?

Take another deep breath and exhale to expel the negative thoughts these questions may have caused. This can help keep you grounded throughout the day. You can always return to the breath to surrender, release, and let go when your limiting thoughts take over and become challenging.

Consider Therapy for Spiritual Wellness

Counseling can make you further aware of your emotions and feelings such as anxiety, depression, and fear. Here, a trained emotion regulation therapist can serve as your mentor and help you understand and regulate your emotions so you can enjoy the day-to-day moments in life. They can also help you find other ways to practice mindfulness effectively and integrate it into your life.

Searching for a supportive therapeutic match can be difficult and exhausting; you have to find someone who can align with your goals, understand you, and provide a safe space, all while hoping a therapist will answer that email or call you back. You can find tools here to help you find an effective therapeutic match. Shakti Therapy specializes in spiritual psychotherapy, ketamine assisted therapy, and supporting the BIPOC community. If this resonates with you, do not hesitate to reach out. Finding the right therapist can help take a huge mental burden off your shoulders and help improve your spiritual wellness significantly.

Try Eating Healthier for Spiritual Wellness

Healthy eating means being mindful of what you eat and consuming foods that are nourishing for your body. Incorporating healthy meals into your day-to-day steers you toward natural and chemical-free food, which increases clarity in the mind, allows you to connect deeper with your spirituality, and also helps manage some mental health symptoms through the mind and gut connection. Your body is the home and keeper of your soul; protecting and caring for your body allows you to protect and care for your soul. This lifestyle choice can bring about healthy weight management, better care for yourself, and foster self-love.

In fact, many weight management and healthy eating programs  believe a food lifestyle plan should focus on nutrition and ensure that you eat enough for your body's unique needs. That is why it is important for you to consider eating foods that make you feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually instead of counting calories or fat shaming yourself. For example, eating raw fruits and vegetables will help you better appreciate the abundance of nature and connect you to the Earth. This makes clean eating a great way to build a better relationship with your health and your spirituality.

Stay Fit Through Yoga as Spiritual Wellness

Exercise is another great way of getting in touch with your body and spiritual side since it increases connection to self. Yoga is a form of physical activity that is relaxing and physically engaging since it focuses on breathwork and building muscle strength. It can encourage you to build happiness from within. Part of building happiness starts with curiosity with your body and trusting your body holds wisdom to guide you. This inner wisdom is known as your inner healing intelligence. Yoga and Ketamine Assisted Therapy helps you connect with your inner healing intelligence, which is responsible for mental wellness and spiritual wellness. You can try yoga at home, attend group classes, or find a community of like-minded people. If you try the latter, be sure to start off with simple poses and work your way

up. Beginning with difficult positions can not only harm you, but also stress you out, taking away the meditative benefits.

Achieving spiritual wellness can be challenging, but it does not have to be. Making healthy lifestyle choices can be the perfect way to take care of yourself while also nourishing your soul. To take back control of your life, free yourself from the thoughts holding you back, and love the life you live, do book a consultation now.

Ektha Aggarwal is an experienced licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and Founder of Shakti Therapy and Healing Services.

Shakti Therapy offers a holistic and psychotherapeutic approach to help clients realize that we are an integral part of the vast and complex web of life - that the health of the whole is intimately connected with the health of the individual.

Shakti Therapy combines both ancient Eastern and the most up to date scientific modalities, to create a basis of connection - mind to body, human to nature, individual to community, physical to spiritual, past to present to future.

To learn more about Shakti Therapy and Healing services, please visit or email Ektha at info@shaktitherapyhealing.


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