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Karla Caballero Teran Masters in Counseling Intern

Karla Caballero Teran, 

Masters in Counseling


“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you
discover who you are.”


- Bernice Johnson Reagon

Empathy . Genuineness . Respect . Trustworthy

A Bit About Karla

Supervised by Ektha Aggarwal, LCSW

Self-care is the heart of healing and wellbeing. For that reason, music and dancing is part of my self-care routine. My love for these creative aspects show up in my work with you. I empower you to discover what makes you feel alive...and begin to create space for it in your life.


I love to cook for my loved one, and I consider food a way of expressing love to others. So together we get to learn how you feel loved and how you share love with others. Many times we do things without thinking or intention, and our efforts aren't appreciated. By inviting awareness and intention in your practice for love to self and love to others, you begin to create a value around it and build a momentum of giving and receiving.


Staring at the ocean is something I enjoy when I need a sense of peace in my heart. Connecting to nature allows you to surrender your challenges and reground. Together we can find the tools you need to surrender and begin to trust in your inner healer - that all you need to move through this difficult moment is within you. 


My experience of migrating to the US as a teenager, gives me the insight of how you might feel unseen, unheard, or not understood when you are different. The trauma of leaving people you love behind and the resilience it takes to adapt to a new culture to survive is one that is engrained with you. I’m here to walk with you through this challenging process and help you transform your trauma into tenderness. As a master’s in counseling, student at California State University Los Angeles, I am being trained in and am preparing to assist you to become your heart-desired self. I believe that supportive counseling and healing is a collaborative process - you are the expert in your own life and I am a counseling expert in the making.

A Message To My Clients

As a student counselor I’m here to guide you and help you unfold the thoughts that are making you doubt yourself.  We hold space for what has happened to you - and - we begin to heal by shifting the narrative and reactions to your experience. Your attitude is what makes an impact on your life, and I’m here to help you overcome anything that life throws at you with the best attitudeTo set up a consultation, contact me via email or phone call. We are in this TOGETHER.

Specializations                                  Approach             

Image by Lavi Perchik
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Teenage Adjustment

  • Women's Issues 

  • Immigration

  • Latinx Assimilation 

  • Addiction

  • Relationships

Image by Derek Story
  • Psychoeducation on mental health 

  • Social Emotional Support

  • Case Management

  • Supportive counseling 

  • Behavior modification 

  • Crisis Intervention 

  • Social Skills learning 

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